AppLock - Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to AppLock. Sometimes we need information to provide services that you request, this privacy statement applies to AppLock.

Personal Information
We DO NOT collect, store or use any personal information while you visit, download or upgrade our products.

Non-Personal Information
We may collect and use non-personal information in the following circumstances. To have a better understanding in userí»s behavior, solve problems in products and services, improve our products, services and advertising

The main Permission used by AppLock are described below.

Camera & Recording Audio
Used to take pictures and videos when an external user unsuccessfully tries to unlock after unsuccessful attempts.

Get your account
Used to identify users who have purchased an existing paid version.

Coarse Location Access
Used to get Wi-Fi SSID for automatically enabling/disabling lock service.

Read phone state
Used to lock incoming calls to prevent others from receiving them.

Repository access
Used to get the background of the lock screen, or to store backup files and so on.

Device Administrator
Used to prevent AppLock being uninstalled and does not use any other Device Administrator functions.

Gmail Send Access
Used to send unlock failure log using user's gmail.(Observer feature)

Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, you may contact us at

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